Intruder is coming to Steam!

Thank you so much for your interest in Intruder. We're thrilled to be bringing the game to Steam.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I already bought Intruder on the Superboss website. Do I have to buy the game again?

Nope, you do not need to buy the game again on Steam. You can get your Steam key, which entitles you to a free copy of the game on Steam, here.

I bought a bunch of Intruder giftcodes on the Superboss website, what happens to those gift copies?

If you gave Intruder giftcodes to friends, and they used them to download and play Intruder, they can log into this website and get their new Steam keys.
If you never handed out your giftcodes, or your friends never claimed them, these unused giftcodes are also available for you to see here: here.

My friend bought me a copy of Intruder and I claimed the giftcode they sent me. Do I get a Steam key?

Yes, you get a Steam key since you claimed the giftcode. You can get your Steam key here as well!

My friend bought me a copy of Intruder and sent me a giftcode, but I never used it. Can I get the game on Steam too?

Unused Intruder giftcodes have been "returned" to the people that purchased them, and converted into Steam keys. If you're still friends with that person, contact them and ask them for one of their new Steam keys for Intruder.

Do I have to switch to playing the Steam version of Intruder?

Yes, we're turning off support for the current game, and you will need to purchase or claim a copy of Intruder on Steam to keep playing. All future patches of the game will be through Steam.

I've never played Intruder before, how do I get the game?

Please visit the Intruder page on Steam, add the game to your wishlist, and purchase a copy once it goes on sale. Thanks so much for your support!